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BJ Klock is an American Media Proprietor, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor. 

Known as one of the Worlds Best Marketers.

In 2015 BJ Klock set a Goal to help 100 Million People create financial freedom by 2035. 

A visionary who predicted & influenced the boom of personal development, financial literacy, social media marketing & cryptocurrency. 

BJ Klock Owns Many Trademarks, Patents, Enterprises & Applications in multiple different industries. 

BJ has countlessly seen where things are going and positioned himself, his brands and associates in a way that has created an abundance of wealth for all those involved. 

Now in partnership with for a limited time. 

BJ Klock gives personalized education live from the source.

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  • Sunday   - Close
  • Monday   (10:00 am-02:00 pm)   - Open
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  • Wednesday   (10:00 am-02:00 pm)   - Open
  • Thursday   (10:00 am-02:00 pm)   - Open
  • Friday   (10:00 am-02:00 pm)   - Open
  • Saturday   - Close


15 Minutes
$ 50
Advanced Branding Course
$ 3,500
Advanced Marketing Course
$ 3,500
Build Your Dream Business Bible
$ 4,250
Get 1 on 1 Consultation With BJ Klock On Your Business
$ 5,500
Learn How To Create Your Dream Application
$ 7,500